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Bootylicious! Lisa is told how to stay in shape by Beyonce

SHE'S already known for her curves -- but soon Xpose's Lisa Cannon will be looking even more bootylicious after embarking on a diet recommended to her by none other than superstar Beyonce.

Lisa explained how she and the Halo singer spent several minutes swapping tips off camera last week, during which the former Destiny's Child star urged her to eat five small meals a day to hone her figure.

The trim brunette, who interviewed Beyonce for Xpose in the Big Apple, revealed how she's been following her advice since then and is already feeling the positive effects on her figure.


"She told me all about her weight loss after her tour and how I could achieve the same results by eating smaller meals and eating five times a day instead of three," she told the Herald.

"She's curvy and really toned. We both agreed that we hated doing exercise and she says the only form she does is her dancing so she has to be careful about her diet instead.

"She was also telling me how she loves to sit around in her sweat pants and Ugg boots and gets really sick of having to be groomed all the time.

"She's so far from being a diva, she was just really down to earth and friendly. She's one celebrity who I could genuinely see myself being friends with. We had a great laugh together," she added.

Lisa went on to explain how Beyonce had been due to spend just two and a half minutes being interviewed for the station's flagship entertainment show, but decided to go against her publicist's wishes and extend the chat as she and Lisa were hitting it off so well.

The hard-working TV3 star had been enjoying a week-long holiday to New York with her father Michael when she managed to nab the exclusive interview with Beyonce at the launch of her new fragrance, Heat, in the Big Apple.

Beyonce was joined by her mother Tina Knowles on the day, while Lisa's dad also tagged along to meet the superstar.

Lisa explained how both parents were chatting away in the background during her interview, while Beyonce was happy to come and meet her father afterwards.

She said: "She gave me loads of time, over seven minutes, which is virtually unheard of at a launch like that with such a big name.

"We had only scheduled two and a half minutes, but when she heard I was Irish she told her publicist she wanted to stay talking to me.


"She absolutely loves Dublin and was telling me how much she enjoyed cycling around the city and visiting the Guinness Storehouse last summer and said she feels like an adopted Irish person.

"She also showed me how to pose for the cameras when we were done, because I'm really crap at that and she came over and chatted to my Dad for a minute. "It definitely didn't feel like work. I had a ball."

Lisa, who jetted to LA for the Golden Globes earlier this month, is set to fly out to Paris today to interview Irish actor, Jonathan Rhys Meyers and John Travolta about their new film From Paris With Love.