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Boost for Clarkes as top restaurant back in black

The Michelin-starred restaurant l'Ecrivain - owned by Derry and Sallyanne Clarke - last year enjoyed a turnaround in fortunes.

New accounts show that the firm that operates the restaurant, Sudberry Trading Ltd, reduced its accumulated losses.

The figures show that accumulated losses reduced from €734,816 to €732,243 in the 12 months to the end of August 31 last.

The reduction takes account of non-cash depreciation costs of €93,955, showing that the business was cash-positive to the tune of over €95,000.

The accumulated losses are largely mainly made up of loans totalling €409,620 that the Clarkes have made to the firm over the years and substantial non-cash depreciation costs over the years.

During the year under review, the Clarkes' suffered heartache with the suicide of their only son, Andrew, in late December 2012.


In a statement yesterday on how the business performed last year, the Clarkes state: "2013 was a better year for L'Ecrivain and for the restaurant business in Dublin generally."

The two established l'Ecrivain on Dublin's Baggot Street in 1989, two years after marrying. "There are signs of recovery in the economy, and we and everyone in the restaurant business will all benefit from that.

"It looks as if the growth we experienced in the restaurant in 2013 will continue throughout 2014.

"We have worked hard over the past 25 years in l'Ecrivain to obtain and maintain the Michelin Star and it continues to be very important to us.

"There is plenty of very good competition in the market place and customers dining out are looking for value for money and a good deal."

A note attached to the accounts states that the Clarkes "have expressed their willingness to continue providing financial support to the company".

L'Ecrivain is only one of eight Irish restaurants to currently have a Michelin star.