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Bono 'drunk' on Broadway

BONO was "distracted by supermodels" and turned up "drunk" to meetings for Spider-Man The Musical, the show's director has claimed.

The U2 frontman and the Edge are embroiled in a nasty legal battle with the fired Tony Award-winning director Julie Taymor over their input into the score for the musical.

Court documents filed by Ms Taymor (59) in US District Court in New York have unleashed a new wave of bitter comments.

Accusations and counter-accusations have been flying between Taymor and the producers and allege that the U2 singers "severely hampered" the show's progress at a time when its future was on the line.

In an email by Ms Taymor's writing partner, Glen Berger it stated: "He (Bono) showed up in our room with (supermodel) Christy Turlington and a couple of other supermodels and he had already had a few beers, rendering him useless."

"So the producers postponed the meeting till the next afternoon -- but that meeting never happened."

Bono (51) and wife, Ali, are long-term friends of Armani model Ms Turlington (43). The With Or Without You singer even walked her down the aisle at her 2001 wedding as her father had died three years earlier.

In a settlement with the Stage Directors and Choreographers Society, the producers agreed to pay Taymor almost $10,000 (€7,590) a week in royalties for the duration of the New York production.However, Taymor is looking for more than $1m (€759,000) in back pay and future royalties.

But Bono will have to wait months to defend slurs against his character as the case is not scheduled to go to trial until next January.

Producers Michael Cohl and Jeremiah Harris have filed a countersuit, claiming she was in breach of contract because she refused to make changes to the show.

Despite mixed and negative reviews and the disagreement, the musical has been one of Broadway's biggest draws, grossing an average of $1.5m a week.

Now the production team are looking to expand the multimedia extravaganza into 10,000-seat arenas in London and Germany.

Meanwhile it was revealed that Bono wrote a character reference for Courtney Love so she could rent a new house, according to reports.

The rocker revealed that she turned to the singer to help her application for a Manhattan condo. Love, who was involved in a legal dispute with her landlady, said that she hadn't been asked to provide a credit-check but had been asked to provide character references.