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BOD may be a God to many on the rugby pitch -- but it appears he's more like a domestic goddess at home.

And the Leinster hero has been doling out washroom advice to his teammates, and also the newly retired Shane Horgan.

O'Driscoll (32) arrived to training at the David Lloyd Riverview gym wearing Horgan's Leinster kit.

But when asked if he was missing his actress wife Amy Huberman -- who is working in Los Angeles -- BOD laughed, saying he didn't need any help keeping up with the housework.

He explained that he had borrowed gear from Horgan (aka Shaggy)-- who has his kit washed at the gym.

"I have all my washing done, I just thought it was a better day at seven o'clock when I got up [this morning]," said the former Blackrock boy.

And the Ireland captain suggested the retired winger should take a leaf out of his book.

"He [Horgan] gets his washing done inside so he always has plenty of gear there, a lot of us take our gear home, to get a proper job done. Shane is happy enough with the job here.

"He's a grown man so he should be able to wash his own clothes.

"I'm not trying to hold onto him -- I realise that I have to move on to pastures new, I just didn't wear a woolly top today so I thought he wouldn't mind."

The centre said he was delighted to be back playing on the pitch, after being confined to the stands due to injury for nearly five months.

And when asked if his break would help him to extend his career on the field, Brian said:


"You do take the best out of all situations and it was hard watching from the sidelines but I probably got to a point where I probably did need some rest ... it was nice to be able to selfish and focus on your own thing, rather than have to think in a team capacity. It does take three or four games [to get back into stride], but I've done an awful of conditioning and a lot of work in the build up to playing.

"So I'd like to think that I've a fair bit in the bank from that. Experience does count.

"It feels good to be back and hopefully it continues that way," he explained.

The number 13 enjoyed putting on a suit for the Sky Sports pundit studio last year, but BOD said that he was not thinking about hanging up his boots yet, with rumours that he'll retire in June 2013.

"I'm not in a place at the moment to be worrying about how long I'm going to play for. Right now I'm enjoying my rugby," he added.