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Bleakley double even confuses her grandad

New One Show presenter Alex Jones has said even her own grandfather has confused her with Christine Bleakley -- but insisted that she is "completely different" from her predecessor.

Jones (32) will step into Bleakley's shoes next month after landing the prime time BBC1 job -- which she described as "like winning the lottery".

The presenter, who is experienced but relatively unknown outside her native Wales until now, will partner up with comic Jason Manford, who is replacing Adrian Chiles.

Jones, who has similar brunette good looks to Bleakley, said: "My grandfather congratulated me when Christine first started on The One Show.

"He went: 'Oh brilliant Alex you've got the job on the BBC,' but of course he was watching Christine."

She added: "At least now he will be able to watch me on it."

Jones said of her new role: "It's a dream job really. I've been working for 10, nearly 11, years as a presenter but this is exactly the kind of show I've always dreamed of doing.

"It's like winning the lottery.

"I think I'll have to take it day by day. I've got no idea of the impact."

She described Bleakley as "a talented presenter, a great presenter. As for looking like her, well she's not a bad person to look like."