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Blast for 'bossy' Vinnie as Sisqo and Baldwin booted out of BB


Baldwin said experience 'almost killed him'

Baldwin said experience 'almost killed him'

Baldwin said experience 'almost killed him'

Americans Stephen Baldwin and Sisqo were booted out of the Celebrity Big Brother house in a double eviction.

While actor Baldwin -- a born-again Christian -- received a mixed response from the crowd as he became the fourth celebrity to leave, rapper Sisqo was met with cheers and applause when he was evicted shortly afterwards.

Sisqo received 29pc of the vote and Baldwin got 50pc of the vote.

Wearing a gold crown-hat, 31-year-old Sisqo, who became famous with the Thong Song, said he had a "blast" in the house.

He said that although he wanted to win, he was not surprised to have been nominated -- saying it was tough to compete with the likes of Vinnie Jones for the British public's favour.

"It's pretty hard to beat Vinnie, being like a national hero, so it would have been tough anyway," he said. "So in or out I just had a blast and I'm glad to have been a part."

Of ex-footballer Jones, Sisqo -- real name Mark Althavean Andrews -- said he had favourites and described him as "bossy". He added: "It seemed like Vinnie was the official unofficial leader of the house and it kind of seemed like double standards when it came to rules. When it came to food he would give more to Alex and then he was saying we had rations.

"He had his own set of rules for whoever his favourite was."

Baldwin, who read the Bible to his housemates during his 20-day stint, showed off a 'Jesus' message T-shirt and spoke proudly of his beliefs during a post-eviction interview with host Davina McCall.


The 43-year-old said the Big Brother experience had "almost killed" him but his faith remained strong. "I learned a lot about myself, I learned a lot about my faith through interacting with these people," he said.

Socialite Ivana Trump also faced the public vote last night but survived.

The other remaining celebrities in the house are Alex Reid, Dane Bowers, Stephanie Beacham, Jonas Altberg, Nicola Tappenden and Vinnie Jones.

There will be another double eviction in the Channel 4 show on Wednesday.