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Birthday girl Nadia begs hunky Francis to keep his pants on

Nadia Forde has revealed how she had to stop male model Francis Usanga baring all at her birthday bash in the Wright Venue -- as she didn't want to shock her granny.

The gorgeous blonde, who turns 21 today, told the Diary she was stunned when the model, who is the reigning Mr International Ireland, arrived at the Penthouse Suite to present her with a designer handbag-shaped cake, wearing only a dickie bow and pants.

Nadia said she had been to a friend's party where Francis had stripped and was terrified that her pals had arranged for him to give her a birthday lap dance.

"When he first came out with my cake my initial thought was that my granny and my parents wouldn't know where to look because I had been to another party where he took all his clothes off," she laughed.

"Luckily he only got as far as taking off the top and didn't strip fully or I would have had a lot of explaining to do.

"Mark [her boyfriend] wouldn't have minded at all. He knows I'd just be unbelievably embarrassed more than anything, but there were a lot of family there and it wouldn't really have been appropriate."

It wasn't just Francis giving revellers a treat with his saucy antics however, with Nadia and her best pal, Georgia Salpa causing quite a stir later in the night when they left the exclusive Penthouse area to take to the dance floor downstairs.

According to Nadia: "We were actually up on the stage where the stripper poles are having a dance by the end of the night. I wouldn't say we were mobbed but we did have a few people looking at us wondering what we were at.

"The two of us were up and down between the Penthouse, the Scarface suite and the dance floor downstairs all evening, I really had a great time.

"The party just flew by. I was very nervous going in but once I got there and saw everyone I was able to relax and enjoy myself with the girls."

Other Asset beauties who turned out to help the bubbly model blow out her candles included sisters Sara and Julie Kavanagh, Louise Kavanagh, Daniella Moyles and Leah O'Reilly, who celebrated her own birthday yesterday.

Nadia's DJ boyfriend Mark Noble was also on hand to help his other half mark the big milestone.

-- LN