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'Bill won't reveal new Apprentice'

APPRENTICE winner Michelle Massey says she can't wait to see the new season's show, admitting that boss Bill Cullen hasn't even told her who the winner is.

The former model told the Diary that she was prohibited from speaking to any of this year's contestants when they were filming in her building.

And although the filming of the series is now over, Michelle has been kept in the dark over the winner's identity.


There is a new twist to the programme this year. The lucky winner will no longer act as an apprentice to business tycoon Cullen, but will instead get €250,000 to start up their own business.

Michelle, who won the series last year, says she would not have done the show if that was the prize. "I don't think I would have been ready for that. If the prize last year was to start your own business, I don't think I would have been experienced enough to do it.

"But if you have Bill and Jackie behind you then it's sure they are going to be successful. It's a really interesting idea. I think it's more difficult for Bill and Jackie this time."