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Biggest regret of my life is Oxegen gig - Amanda

AMANDA Brunker has admitted that singing at this year's Oxegen festival is her one regret in life.

The former Miss Ireland believes going on stage in front of only a couple of dozen bemused music fans was a major mistake.

Her performance was widely mocked in the media and she suffered a tirade of abuse on Twitter.

"Oxegen was a huge part of what happened in my life this year, I think I really need to learn how to say 'no' from now on. The whole thing was far too stressful and I'm normally not the kind of person that looks back on things and kind of go, 'I shouldn't have done that', but genuinely if I had my time back I wouldn't have done that.

"I regret doing it, big time. I really didn't know there was going to be such a big deal about it, the video of my performance was worldwide trending at one point. And we had to pull the video down, it literally went from 20,000 hits, to 40,000, to 60,000, and that was only in an hour or two.

"The comments on Twitter were dreadful and I should have deleted my account. But there was a sick, twisted part of me that wanted to hear what people really thought and I was never that way before," she explained.

Top Irish actress Saoirse Ronan also hit out at Amanda, joking that she and her friends could have done a better job. Amanda said she is still shocked by the comments and won't be looking to chat with the A-lister anytime soon.

The columnist added that since receiving hundreds of rude comments, she has thought of leaving Ireland, but has too many responsibilities.