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Big shock for Jedward as they are separated on BB

JEDWARD are now just John and Edward. The twins have been separated by Big Brother and any attempt to join forces will have shocking consequences.

The Lucan boys were left reeling after Big Brother announced they must say goodbye to one another for the latest task.

In their hardest challenge yet, the 19-year-old twins were told that they must spend time apart in order for the house to win a reward.

The pair, who have rarely been seen apart, were warned that they would be zapped with an electric shock if they are spotted within five metres of each other.

"They were told they had to let their fellow housemates get to know each other as individuals rather than the collective 'Jedward'," a source revealed of the boys' challenge.

The hair-raising twins -- who shot to fame on the X Factor in 2009 -- are usually attached at the hip whether on or off stage.

They are also renowned for their matching choreography and outfits but fans will now see a different side.

The Lipstick stars are also being forced to abandon their co-ordinated wardrobe for mismatched suits instead.

John was given a pink skin-tight body suit to wear around the celeb house, while Edward was handed a purple one.

Louis Walsh's sensations weren't the only two in on the task, however -- the other diva housemates have been told they were all going to be tested on how well they got to know the pop duo.

The celebrities will receive one minute of testing time, to work out which twin is which.