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Big plans for weekend wearing my marigolds

I have a pretty rock and roll weekend planned. Tomorrow I'm going to get ready for it, clean the spare room.

And the sad thing is I'm actually really looking forward to it! I'm excited about throwing on the marigolds and dusting the place down.

I've been meaning to do a good spring clean for ages – Dara will be out of the house so I can really get stuck into it. I'm going to take before and after pictures and show them to my friends.


Like most people my social life tends to slow down a fair bit in January.

But I am super excited to be heading out with Angela Scanlon (right) on Monday night. She's hosting a Smashbox make-up event in Fade Street Social.

It'll be a really fun girly night out and we get to chat about mascara so that's a win-win.

And after my quiet weekend it will be nice to let my hair down and catch up with Angela.