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Bieber fever leaves all Justin's beloved Irish fans on a high

Justin Bieber was mobbed by fans as he left his Wicklow hideout and finally brought to an end the incredible wave of Bieber fever that has swept the nation for the past week.

The teen heartthrob performed his second and final show at Dublin's O2 last night, where he was met with screams of approval.

And in the second part of an interview with the Herald, the teen star revealed how one of the highlights of his past month has been his Irish fans' reaction to his movie.

Entitled Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, it chronicles his amazing rise to fame and fortune thanks to being discovered on YouTube.

An instant box-office hit here, just like elsewhere, he said he would love to take on an entirely different role for his next movie outing.

"So much stuff has been amazing, I love the outcome of the movie," the 17-year-old explained.

"It's been going great, I'm really excited the movie has been going really well. It's going to be released in Australia soon so I'm really excited.

"I'm just looking to go out of character now and be something else and try not to necessarily play a character that's a singer. I want to play something that's challenging to me. I like to play characters that you would never think of."

And given that he owes his big break to the internet, he's naturally a huge fan of social networking sites -- and brought his Twitter followers up to eight million this week.

The teen idol, who once dreamed of becoming a professional hockey star, also loves checking out new music online.

"I'm always on YouTube and Twitter and I see a lot of cool people online and I'm waiting for one person to really catch my eye so I'm waiting until that day comes," he explained.

Asked how he has been spending his time in Ireland, given that he has spent the past four days staying at the Ritz Carlton in Powerscourt, he explained how he enjoys the simpler things in life. "I like to relax, I like my downtime. I just sleep and eat and watch movies and stuff," he continued.


However, despite his super-cool facade about being a teenager worth an estimated €100m, he admits it took a while for it all to sink in.

"The first year and a half I still couldn't believe it and now I wake up every morning and this is my life and I accept that and go with it," he continued.

"I definitely miss my family and friends and stuff but I really like being on the road and seeing so many cool places."

He has been accompanied here by devoted mum Pattie Mallette, with whom he paid a secret visit to one of Ireland's top beauty spots, Glendalough.

He was also joined by best pals Willow Smith, her brother Jaden and his 'Hollywood dad', Will Smith.

But although they're one of America's most famous families, he said they're down-to-earth at heart. "It's cool, they're just regular people to me."