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Ben Stiller and David Duchovny victims of credit card scam

An alleged Nigerian-born credit card fraudster was trapped after one too many Hollywood stars and directors asked for their new cards to be sent to the same small apartment in Chicago.

Prosecutors in Chicago say Adedamola Olatunji initially got away with his fraud, using the actor Ben Stiller's credit card to pay bills for the internet music site iTunes and an online dating service.

He also got hold of credit cards for the actor David Duchovny and Crash director Paul Haggis, each time calling Citibank to report a lost card after obtaining personal information on the victim, prosecutors said.

The bank eventually became suspicious when cards for two more famous directors, Paul Schrader and Noah Baumach, were redirected to the same modest address in Chicago's poor South Side.

When an undercover agent from the US Postal Inspection Service delivered the new cards to the address, Mr Olatunji, 29, allegedly told him that he was "Paul" and that Noah was "in the back".

Investigators said he told them he had tried to buy several thousand dollars worth of goods with the cards to send to a friend in Britain.

He has been charged with forgery, mail fraud, aggravated identity theft and computer fraud.

A source told the Chicago Tribune: "Obviously, the bank has some issues they've got to straighten out."

"The guy calls up with a foreign accent and says: 'Hey, I'm Ben Stiller, I lost my card. Can you send me a new one?' Oh. Sure, why not?"

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