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Being single suits me down to the ground

SINGER Ryan O'Shaughnessy was on the show yesterday. I'd never met him before but I was a really big fan.

I'd seen him very briefly on The Voice and like most girls had fallen in love with him a bit when he went on Britain's Got Talent.

We've also tweeted each other a good few times. Having him on set was such craic, we had a great laugh and he was telling me all about his upcoming gig and his fans -- they're pretty devoted to him.

I really admire singers, I think that's because I officially have the worst singing voice in the world so I'm just always so in awe of their talent.


We also had some rugby players in, which is always popular with the female members of crew. Sean O'Brien and Dominic Ryan were both in.

They're lovely lads, really down to earth and nice. Oh and they're both great players too. While we were filming I found out that Dominic's sister was in college with me -- sometimes Dublin feels freakishly small.

I'm single at the moment which suits me down to the ground.

I'm not on the look-out but if someone special came along that would be nice!

I don't know if I would ever date a rugby player, it would depend on his personality, maybe if he was as nice as the two lads. But being single suits me as it means I can focus on work and my book.

I studied journalism in college and have just started writing a children's book. I read a lot when I was growing up and it's always been a dream of mine to do something like this.

It's sort of a semi-autobiographical diary about a girl from Moldova. It's early days but I'm loving working on it.