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Before she went Gaga ... school snaps of the stars revealed

My, how they've grown. These images of celebrities before they became famous were revealed in Ancestry.com's new US School Yearbook Collection.

In this 2004 image (left), Lady Gaga, also known as Stefani Germanotta, is shown with her father during a dance her senior year at Convent of the Sacred Heart School in New York.

Bradley Cooper (below) is pictured during chemistry class at Germantown Academy in Pennsylvania, in 1992.

Scarlett Johansson (right) is shown decorating a Christmas tree during her senior year at Professional Childrens School in New York in 2002.

And Ryan Reynolds (far right) is shown in 1993 at school in Vancouver.

The genealogy website recently expanded its yearbook database to include nearly 7m images from thousands of schools in the United States.