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Bee Gee Robin is with his twin, Barry tells mourners

Bee Gee Barry Gibb paid an emotional tribute to his brother Robin's "magnificent mind and his beautiful heart" at his funeral, saying he had finally been reunited with his twin, Maurice.

The 62-year-old singer died from kidney failure last month after fighting cancer and pneumonia and suffering from a serious bowel condition.

Barry, the sole surviving member of the trio, had a trembling voice as he told the congregation in Thame, Oxon: "Life is too short. In Robin's case, absolutely too short.

"We should have had 20 years, 30 years of his magnificent mind and his beautiful heart."

Referring to Maurice Gibb, he added: "They were both beautiful. And now they're together. They're actually together."

Maurice died in 2003.

Barry Gibb said: "When you're twins, you're twins all your life. You go through every emotion.

Mourners wept yesterday as Robin's ornate white coffin entered the church to the sound of How Deep Is Your Love.

Barry Gibb and the vicar leading the service, the Rev Alan Garratt, walked up the aisle ahead of it as a round of spontaneous applause broke out from well-wishers outside the church.

Close relatives, including Robin's widow, Dwina, and his mother, Barbara, followed behind. One woman was so overcome with grief she had to be physically supported as she walked to her seat.

Hundreds of well-wishers lined the streets to see the coffin in a horse-drawn hearse. Onlookers watched as the white, glass-sided carriage rolled through his adopted home town.

The cortege was followed by his two Irish wolfhounds, Ollie and Missy, together with friends and family.