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Beauty Roz is looking for housemates: only strangers need apply

FORM an orderly queue, gentlemen: gorgeous model Roz Purcell is looking for housemates, and models or celebrities need not apply.

One of Ireland's top models has decided to move in with a group of strangers because she's too lonely living on her own.

The Tipperary native moved into her Leeson Street address only four months ago, but the 21-year-old now wants to share digs and is on the lookout for a new pad.

The AR beauty said that although it's been handy having her own apartment in the city centre, she's missing the fun of having room mates.

"I'm moving in with people this time because I'm talking to walls. I've lived by myself now for a while and I just think I'd like to live with people, but who have nothing to do with the industry. Then I can have the banter at home.

"I want to move in with strangers; I love making new friends," she said.

And she wants to switch from living in a flat to a house, so she can get a pet.

"I'd like to move into a house so I could get a dog ... I want to get somewhere in the same area, but to find that, with nice people, is tricky," said Roz, speaking at the launch of the Dubai Duty Free Irish Derby in Dublin yesterday.

It's going to be a busy few months for the former Miss Universe Ireland thanks to filming, photo shoots and training for her Himalayas challenge in September.


After opting out of Celebrity Salon for an RTE show, however, Roz will have more time on her hands than she thought.

It's been rumoured that the fitness fanatic has been lined up for the upcoming instalment of Celebrity Bainisteoir after pulling out of TV3's fly-on-the-wall makeover programme.

An insider revealed that bosses at Montrose felt the leggy catwalk queen would be a perfect candidate for the series.

Meanwhile, Roz is jetting over to St-Tropez later this month for a wedding.

Roz was left rattled last week when she was involved in a car accident with her sister on the M7 motorway.

She admitted she's still feeling the effects of the crash.

"I'm not feeling that invincible any more ... It's totally put me off learning to drive properly. My parents keep saying, 'Oh you won't know your independence now,' but I'm thinking I'll just get the train till I'm 35.

"Even the other day I was in the car with someone and they're not really a good driver so I was freaking out the whole time -- I've turned into a nervous passenger. But it'll be grand -- it's a case of when you fall off the horse just get back on."