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Beautiful day for U2 who make rich list with cool half a billion

U2 are worth a massive half a billion pounds (€0.61bn), a rich list of music movers and shakers has revealed.

The rock band, pictured right, and their manager are in fifth place in the UK and Irish rankings, just behind Beatles' legend Paul McCartney.

Macca has moved up the ranks of millionaire musicians after his marriage to US businesswoman Nancy Shevell.

He and his new wife are worth £665m (¤813m), according to the Sunday Times.

And Michael Flatley comes in at ninth place -- ahead of the Beckhams .


Last year's list had Paul's personal fortune pegged at £495m (¤605m) but it has increased due largely to his wife's £150m (¤183m) stake in her family haulage business.

He has also pulled in £20m (¤24.45m) from performing and album sales and is third in the Sunday Times Rich List Music Millionaires Top 50.

Above him are theatrical producer Cameron Mackintosh, whose personal wealth is estimated at £725m (¤886.5m), and record industry executive Clive Calder whose fortune is said to be £1,350m (¤1,650m).

Andrew Lloyd-Webber is fourth in the list with a personal fortune of £590m (¤721.3m), down from £680m (¤831.4m) the year before.

The four members of Irish rockers U2 and their manager are in fifth spot after their combined fortune rose by £59m (¤72m) to £514m (¤628.5m).

Also in the top 10 are David and Victoria Beckham. They are tied in 10th place with Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger and Daniel Ek.