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Baz gives up the dye job -- as he goes grey

PRESENTER Baz Ashmawy is embracing the ageing process by letting himself go grey.

The 37-year-old is sporting a new look, after growing a beard and giving up the hair dye.

"I've been going grey since I was 21, so I've just left it lately, I'm just getting older," he told the Herald.

The RTE star turned out to a photocall in Dublin -- but to some people he was almost unrecognisable as he opted to age gracefully like Hollywood stars Sean Connery and George Clooney. "I think that's probably an insult to Sean Connery, but I do look different, I suppose -- a lot of people have been saying it to me, even a few friends have almost walked by me."

The Extreme Worlds frontman celebrated his birthday yesterday and admitted that fiance Tanya Evans bought him a beard trimmer. "Maybe she's trying to tell me something," he laughed.

Baz, who co-hosts his 2fm show with pregnant Lucy Kennedy, can't wait to meet his colleague's little addition when she returns to the Montrose station. "Bets have been on to see whether Lucy would have the baby on my birthday, that would've been great. I've been slagging her, because Miriam [O'Callaghan] returned to work within days after giving birth, so I've been teasing saying she better get herself back soon."

Baz, who lives with Tanya and their children, came to his family's defence recently, when a group of thugs broke into their Rathmines home.

The half-Egyptian DJ chased off three men who smashed into his living room during the day.

"There were three lads standing there. They took a concrete slab to smash through the double glazing," said Baz.

"I was standing there thinking, 'what do I do?' I have baseball bats and that round the house but they're for night-time, not one in the afternoon.

"I just shouted at them and ran. I chased them out the back garden and down an alleyway".