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Baz gets ready for his biggest role yet - as a first-time dad

RTE presenter Baz Ashmawy (32) is "over the moon" after confirming that he is to become a first-time dad with his gorgeous girlfriend Tanya Evans.

The Diary can reveal that the next big project that the part-Egyptian TV star will take on will be that of fatherhood, given that his other half is due at the start of the summer.

The pair have been dating for nearly two years and took the big step of moving in together last year -- with the couple telling pals they are "absolutely thrilled" with their good news.

"They're delighted, Tanya is due in June and they're both really excited about it," said a friend.

"This is the first baby for Baz and while it obviously took a bit of getting used to, he couldn't be any happier. He has really calmed down over the past year and doesn't go out half as much as he used to. Who knows, it could even be the making of him!"

The former How Low Can You Go star, once voted Ireland's sexiest man, has made no secret of his party-loving ways in his eventful past.

But Baz will have to put all that behind him now that he's going to become a first-time dad and has almost finished filming on his second solo series, which represents a more serious departure for him.

He parted ways from his travel pals two years ago to make Baz's Culture Clash on RTE 2, a six-part series which saw him investigate different cultures around the world including members of American virginity group The Silver Ring Thing.

He also hung out with a coven of Irish witches, UFO-followers and British 'freegans', who only eat thrown-out food, and which led to him having to cook and eat roadkill.

For his new programme, he'll be getting in touch with his macho side in the forthcoming RTE show Extreme Worlds, which has seen him flung into a variety of tough situations.

He had to travel to Swedish Lapland a few months ago for a Bear Grylls-type challenge where he was forced to survive in the arctic wilderness for a few days.

He also joined the Irish Army on their mission to Chad and admitted he was stunned by the level of poverty he witnessed in the war-torn African country.

"I've been in poor places before -- but this was on a different level. There were also guys from the Chad army constantly driving around in jeeps. They were intimidating to say the least," he said.

The experience totally changed his perspective on the Defence Forces and he expressed his pride in having gone out there and helped the locals.

He said: "They actually look after everything, from supplies to helping the locals. I was really proud out there."

The programme, which hits our screens in May, also follows Baz as he works a shift with the New York Fire Department, visits a maximum security prison in Oklahoma and works on an Irish fishing trawler.