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Baz and Tanya out and about after sixth child

IT'S hard to believe that Baz Ashmawy's partner Tanja Evans (38) has just had her sixth baby, judging by this picture.

The brunette stunner was turning heads at Fitzpatrick's, Killiney, for the annual Maxtravaganza Ball clad in a black mini-dress with sparkly heels.

She gave birth to her latest baby with the RTE presenter just over a month ago -- but you would never know it.

She and her part Egyptian partner enjoyed a rare night out away from their six children as they rubbed shoulders with some of Dublin's best-known faces.

Born in Dublin's Rotunda Hospital in October, they named their little girl Mahy, which means 'moonlight' in Arabic, after Baz's sister in Egypt.

And Baz told the Diary how he was coping well with all the pressures of fatherhood, adding: "It's not like they come with a manual so with the first baby, you're panicking over everything, like if they're breathing funny whereas with the second one, you're a little more relaxed," he said. He said that Christmas in their Rathmines house will be "mayhem" but was looking forward to it.