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Bandits' bridesmaid Madeline sets sights on capital modelling career

GOOD news, guys. Model Madeline Mulqueen (20), the gorgeous star of the Rubberbandits video, is trotting up to Dublin this week -- and she's 100pc single.

The Herald can reveal how the model/actress in the Horse Outside monster hit, which has attracted nearly five million hits on YouTube, will shortly be mingling with the Dublin set after deciding to pack her bags and leave Limerick.

She now has her pick of top model agencies to choose from, given her massive profile and eyecatching looks, and Madeline explained how she can't wait to take the next step in her career.

"I'm really looking forward to the move to Dublin -- I can't wait to see what 2011 has in store," she said.

But don't expect to see her horsing around with any hunky rugby players in any of the usual celebrity clubs.

She told the Herald how nabbing a new boyfriend in Dublin is not a big priority for her right now: "My focus at the moment is on my career."

She went on to say how she has been bowled over by being suddenly propelled into the spotlight, given that she has garnered hordes of male fans from all around the world. "I knew the song itself was going to be a big hit as it's so catchy.

However, the popularity of the video has been phenomenal," she continued.

As well as signing up shortly to a Dublin model agency, she also hopes to do some more acting. She certainly got her teeth stuck into the part of playing the chav bridesmaid who catches the eye of Rubberbandits stars Blind Boy and Mr Chrome and reckons it's where her true passion lies.

"I love acting, I've been doing theatre all my life and would love the opportunity to do more of it," she added.

The former childcare student has been in negotiations with a number of top agencies, including Morgan and Assets, as she plans her next career move.

Agent Martina Costelloe said she predicted a bright future for the brunette since she spotted her in the Miss Limerick competition and signed her to her agency last June.

"I always believed she would go far. She's a beautiful looking girl and has a great personality as well," she said.

"The reaction to her has been amazing."