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Bad boy Calum is back on the hunt for Irish girl

BAD boy Calum Best has not ruled out hooking up with another Irish girl.

His unexpected return to Dublin has caused more than a little stir on the modelling circuit.

The reality star, who turned up at the launch of Fade Street's RTE2 special on Thursday night, didn't go unnoticed by female onlookers and even caught the eye of catwalk queen Hazel O'Sullivan (22), former friend of Calum's ex Georgia Salpa.

Hazel, who previously dated Citywest heir Jimmy Mansfield, was spotted getting flirty with the bachelor at city hotspot Grafton Lounge, before hitting Lillie's together to continue partying into the early hours.

The Celebrity Salon star was in town to promote his fragrance, and decided to make a surprise visit to the Fade Street special launch, even though he is not on speaking terms with its stars Louise Johnston and Rozanna Purcell.

Speaking to the Diary, London-based Calum (30) admitted that he hasn't given up on Irish girls after his fall-out with Georgia.

He said: "I have had a lot of s*** from the press recently but I still want to keep the people that like me sweet. I will always love this city ... Of course, I would be with an Irish girl again. I don't have a bad word to say about anybody. I'm single and I'm enjoying it right now."

He said he was only at the party to support the production company behind the reality show Straywave and not the models who star in the series.

"I'm in town at the moment doing a promo tour for my fragrance, I did two today, two yesterday and I've two to do tomorrow. There was a good few hundred people there, it was crazy. I'm here just keeping my Irish fans happy.

"I'm just here to support Straywave, the guys who made the show, I worked with them on Celebrity Salon, so anything to help them, I feel happy," he added.

The hunk's flirtation with blonde beauty Hazel did not go unnoticed by the friends of the lothario's ex-flame and Dubliner Louise was said to be noticeably annoyed and confronted Calum at the bar.

And now sources close to Hazel say she has received a backlash from former best mate Georgia.

"Georgia found out about them hanging out for some of the night and she was not happy about it. Hazel and Georgia were best mates until she decided to leave Assets for Andrea Roche's agency.

"After she left, she tried to get Hazel to move to AR and she was considering it but then they had a big blow out. "Flirting with Calum in front of her pals Louise and Roz Purcell was like rubbing salt into the wound, but Hazel and Calum were honestly just hanging out, nothing happened," the insider explained.

When contacted by the Diary, Hazel refused to comment on any romances and insisted she is single.

"I'm not going to say anything about that but right now I am single and I'm really enjoying myself. I'm not going to tie myself down just yet," she said.