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Back to business for Diana

REIGNING Miss Universe Ireland Diana Donnelly is planning a return to her business roots this summer after she hands over her crown in July.

The Dublin beauty (20), who graduated with an honours degree in commerce from UCD last year, admits that the modelling industry is too uncertain to make a full-time living from during the current recession.

Ambitious Diana intends to combine her brains and beauty by working closely alongside pageant organiser and former Miss World Andrea Roche, and has been lined up to coach her successor on all the dos and don'ts of being a beauty queen.

"I talk to Andrea a lot and she's been a fantastic support throughout the year by giving me loads of advice," she told the Diary.

"I'm still on a year out at the moment, as I don't hand back the crown for another couple of months, but I won't be sad to hand over the crown. I've had a fantastic time.

"I'm definitely planning to go back and use my commerce degree.

"I don't know what my plan is yet but ideally I want to combine the two. Thankfully I've been working steadily as a model for the past year, I've been all over the country with fashion shows but I know that it's important to have something else to fall back on as well."

Diana and boyfriend Aaron Foy, who have been together for four years, are planning to take some time out for a holiday in the sunshine, once she has handed over the crown to her successor.