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Baby joy for TV3's Aisling as second on way

THERE'S a veritable baby boom happening out in the Ballymount lot; Ireland AM star Anna Daly and Xpose producer Debbie O'Donnell are on maternity leave and presenter Laura Woods has just had her second child.

And now Xpose star Aisling O'Loughlin (33) has announced she's expecting her second baby.

"We're a very fertile station," Aisling laughs. "TV3 are very good about that –they don't penalise you for your biology – they're very supportive of mums."

Aisling is delighted with the news but says she has been eating like a dinosaur since she found out.

"I'm delighted," she said. "Absolutely delighted. But I feel like a T-Rex – I am starving the whole time.

"I have this sheer hunger that I feel like I can't control. I could eat anything."

The chatty TV host shocked her Xpose co-stars yesterday when she shared the news with them.

"I assumed everyone would suss it out," she says. "They were all having a glass of wine a few weeks ago and I was the only one not drinking. So I thought they'd pick up on it.

"It's strange with the second pregnancy - you feel pregnant the minute you find out. I feel absolutely huge so thought everyone knew. But they were all surprised when I told them," she told The Herald.



Aisling and her partner photographer Nicholas MacInnes welcomed their first son Patrick Nicholas into the world in December 2011.

And it looks like the presenter will receive an early Christmas present again this year. "I think it's going to be a December baby again, I'm just 12 weeks gone now," she said. "So it's all very exciting."

The happy mum hopes 18- month-old Patrick will welcome his younger brother or sister with open arms.

"I think he'll like having a friend," she said.

"I hope they become pals but you never know! No, I'm sure they'll get on."

And Aisling thinks the new addition will make her a more laidback mother.

"I'm quite obsessional about Patrick – worrying about him so I think having another baby will let me relax a little bit more.

"We can't wait – it's going to be great and we couldn't be happier."