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Baby bump won't stop Amy playing the laidback bride

SHE is already five months pregnant, but producers of up-coming Irish movie The Stag are confident that Amy Huberman's baby bump won't get in the way of filming.

"The producers say it won't be a problem," a friend of the 33-year-old actress told the Herald.

"She is officially the teeniest pregnant woman in the world. She is tiny; she's so petite that it shouldn't be an issue."

Filming will begin in Ireland next month and if Amy's bump gets bigger, the producers will shoot around it.


"Even if she does start to show," the source continued, "they'll film around the bump. Lots of headshots and close-ups; it won't be a problem."

The film is being billed as Ireland's answer to US blockbuster The Hangover. It focuses on a fastidious groom-to-be as he embarks on a wild stag weekend away.

The movie has been co-written by producer John Butler, who worked with Amy on RTE's comedy sketch series Your Bad Self.

Even though it was a critical success, RTE decided not to re-commission the series, so Amy was thrilled when John Butler approached her with this project.

"She read the script and absolutely loved it," the source said. "She can't wait to get started on it."

Amy certainly seems excited about the film. Last week, she tweeted the script writer saying she "cannot forking wait" to get on set.

The glowing mum-to-be will play the part of a laidback bride who encourages her future hubbie to cut loose and enjoy his stag weekend away.

"Amy has great comedic timing," the friend said.

"She has a killer sense of humour and with the success of Threesome, she is really earning her stripes as a great comedy actress."

Chocolat star Hugh O'Conor will play the role of the uptight groom, while Bafta-award winning actor Andrew Scott, who played Moriarty in BBC TV series Sherlock, will play the part of the bumbling best man.

Brendan Gleeson's son Brian will also be appearing in the film.

It's set to be a busy few weeks for the star; she is appearing on the Late Late Show on Friday to promote her book I Wished For You.