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Baby and me are staying at home while Robbie is at Celtic, says Claudine

Claudine Keane will not be swapping her cushy life in England for the grim surroundings of Glasgow, while her footballer husband is on loan there.

While hubby Robbie Keane (29) is currently playing out his loan contract with Celtic, the former Miss Ireland contestant will stay put in their plush Cheshire home to mind their infant son, Robbie (10 months).

While not admitting outright that Glasgow is just too bleak for any WAG worth her salt, Claudine told the Diary that she didn't think it would be fair on Robbie Jnr to travel to Scotland every weekend to visit his father.

"It would be wrong to bring Rob up north all the time, it wouldn't be fair to him to keep him in a hotel room for the weekend or whatever so it's better that we stay where we are while his dad's working," she said.

Claudine has become right at home with the scene since her husband was signed to Tottenham Hotspur eight years ago.

Her hectic life saw her jetting home to Dublin for a brief visit last weekend to attend the after-party of the VIP Style Awards in Krystle, along with her mum and best pal Joan.

And Ireland's premier WAG is now gearing up to whip out the glamour once again for Ladies' Day at the Cheltenham Festival, once again joined by her mum.

Claudine has been invited to attend the race meeting as a guest of one of her WAG pals in a private box.

Joan said: "It's always a great excuse to get glammed up and put on a nice dress.

"Robbie went last year for a day with some of his teammates, but Claudine was obviously very pregnant and wasn't up to it."

The Dubliner said that she never worries about Robbie having a wandering eye, unlike the alleged exploits of other premiership stars John Terry and Ashley Cole.

"Robbie and I have been together for eight years and there is a deep level of trust between us," she said.

"Of course, there are women who deliberately target footballers but I have never let that worry me. It is the same with any good-looking man who has money.

"I don't think there's much of a secret -- you try to remain as loyal as possible and keep the marriage strong.

"But like with anything, you never can say what will happen in the future," she added.

Claudine said that above all she is good friends with her husband and admits that they have to work on their relationship, like any married couple.