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Axe falls on US sitcom that dropped Amy

The American sitcom that dropped actress Amy Huberman has itself been axed after poor ratings.

Amy (31) has spoken of how her "pride was hurt" when she was dropped from the NBC series Animal Practice, having landed a role in the pilot.

However, it now appears that it was a blessing in disguise for the star.

NBC has axed the show after woeful reviews and poor ratings.

The pilot episode -- which starred Brian O'Driscoll's wife -- received a big thumbs-up, but Amy was replaced with American actress JoAnna Garcia (32).

And when the real series went on air to follow the escapades of Dr George Coleman and his monkey sidekick Dr Rizzo, reviewers slated it.

The Hollywood Reporter said: "The cast were upstaged by the monkey," while last night the Los Angeles Times suggested that "once viewers got over the novelty of the monkey, there wasn't much else there".

Its axing was also being celebrated last night by activist group Peta, which declared 'victory' in its campaign against the use of animals on TV.

"Peta's staff is celebrating in response to news that Animal Practice has been cancelled," it said.

"The cancellation sends the strong message that using animals for cheap laughs on TV shows is archaic."

Amy's career, on the other hand, is continuing apace with a new series of her Comedy Central sitcom Threesome as well as a role in Moone Boy.

Speaking about being dropped from Animal Practice earlier this year, Amy said: "It was a whirlwind. I read for the part and then I was cast in it and I was thinking how will I do this? Will I fly back to Ireland? How's it going to work?"

Now it's onwards and upwards for the popular Cabinteely native.