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Australia's fine for the holidays but it won't be home - Yvonne

GLAMOROUS mum Yvonne Keating has no plans to follow her husband and daughter into acting.

Boyzone star Ronan is preparing for his first movie role, an Australian comedy called Goddess.

And her daughter Missy (11) has hit the big time, landing a lead role in the upcoming flick Dark Tough.

Ronan's career is going from strength to strength Down Under due to his judging role on Australian X Factor and his upcoming film.

But despite Ronan's blossoming career in Australia, mum-of-three Yvonne insists their family will not be making a permanent move there.


"You know some days we do consider moving to Australia, but it's just too far," she told the Herald.

"It's too far to just pick up everything and go and we just have a new house now, so the thought of unpacking as well... We're in the house over a year now and we are really settled in, it's very nice. Australia is lovely and it's great for a holiday but this is home."

The VIP magazine columnist added that although they live apart for months at a time, their family life has never been normal. "It's all we know really. I think bringing up kids in any lifestyle is difficult, we can just do the best that we can. We've never been a nine-to-five family so we're used to it," she explained.

And she has no plans on moving into the film business, and is happy to leave this to budding starlet Missy and her husband.

While she may have considered moving into acting when she was a young model, she now says that it's now the furthest thing from her mind.

"The family have the bug now but no, I have no plans at the moment and I don't think about it. I'll leave it to the real talented people. I thought about it when I was younger, I was doing commercials and things like that but, no, I wouldn't think about it now."

Yvonne, who is also mum to Jack (13) and six-year-old Ali, told the Herald her elder daughter Missy was working hard on her new film.

"We let her take some acting classes just to get a bit of confidence and she just loved it.

"She wanted to do auditions for the last few years but we wanted to put it off until she was older but after a while we couldn't put her off anymore.

"She really loves the whole filming process, she is such a hard worker. She's the lead in the film so she is in most scenes, it is quite full on but it's great," she explained.


Yvonne and the kids will fly to Sweden this weekend, where Missy is on location.

Yvonne says the family will be there to celebrate St Patrick's Day, Mother's Day and her son's 14th birthday.

"I'll be in Sweden for Mother's Day.

"We'll be there for the whole weekend for Paddy's Day and Mother's Day and it's Jack's birthday. We'll be over there because Missy is filming there,"she explained.