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Ashes star Phil at war with writer over catchphrase

Ashes To Ashes star Philip Glenister has angered the hit show's co-creator after claiming that he came up with the famous line 'Fire up the Quattro'.

Glenister -- DCI Gene Hunt in Life On Mars and its BBC1 spin-off Ashes To Ashes -- was quoted in this week's Radio Times saying that he was constantly told Quattro jokes on the back of his tough-talking character.

Speaking about his alter-ego's catchphrase, the 48-year-old actor added: "The writers maintain 'Fire up the Quattro' was their idea, but it was mine.

"They will dispute it but -- sorry guys -- put it in print."

But Matthew Graham, who devised the hit shows with Ashley Pharoah, reacted furiously to the comments. He wrote on his twitter feed: "In the Radio Times you will read that Phil created 'Fire up the Quattro'.

"He didn't. Nor did 'the writers'. It was me.

"I have drafts of Ashes going back to before he was even shown the script. Originally it was 'fire up the Princess'. "I sat down and deliberately coined a phrase that might rival [Life On Mars catchphrase] 'armed bastards'. Phil didn't like the line. [He] wanted to drop it."

He added: "Thanks, Phil. Great timing, mate. Thank you for that deluded ego trip. That sideways jibe. That public sneer after I sing your praises."

And Graham went on: "Thanks for reducing five years by referring to Ash (Pharoah) and I as 'the writers'."