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Apprentice Michelle has found her new partner

TOUGH-TALKING Apprentice winner Michelle Massey has found love, just days before the hit show's new series.

The former model has spent the past four months enjoying single life since splitting from her former TV co-star Jamie Moran.

Now Michelle has revealed to the Diary that she thinks her new man is really special.

"I'm not going to reveal his name right now. I met him at the Sea Sessions festival in Bundoran. We had just been seeing each other casually for a while and not making any big deal about it. We wanted to see if it was serious.


"It's definitely early days but I feel like he could be somebody very special, it's going really well," she said.

And Bill Cullen's apprentice admitted that announcing their relationship in public was a really big step for the new couple.

Michelle says she was going to bring the relationship into the public eye only when she felt things were strong enough between them and she could really see a future.

"It is a huge deal to bring this relationship out in public. I changed my relationship status on Facebook to 'in a relationship' and I texted him first to make sure that that was okay.

"Everybody knows now, and I was only going to put it up when I was sure myself. I would be mortified if I had to take it down a couple of weeks later," she joked.

And Michelle can be sure that her new beau isn't in the relationship for the fame.

The reality TV star told the Diary he has never seen The Apprentice and had no idea she had been in the media spotlight for the last year.

"He's really cool. He's not like anyone I have ever met before. I am really happy," she said.

The blushing beauty, who just celebrated her 30th birthday, added that her new man is not in the showbiz industry.

However, Michelle says he is getting used to her career and is happy to be apart of the social scene.

"He is really lovely and we are really happy together," she said.

Meanwhile, Michelle who works out in the Europa Academy in the same offices as Bill, has just got herself a new set of wheels.

"I decided to get a change of car. It's gorgeous, it's a black Megane GT Coupe, it's very quick, I love that about it," she said.