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Apprentice here isn't about business, it's just a reality show, says reject David

NEW YORK-trained marketing executive David O'Byrne, fired from The Apprentice, believes that the Irish reality TV show has failed as a business programme.

David (27) was given the boot last night by Bill Cullen after he headed up the losing team.

But the fired contestant believes he was more suited to the American version of The Apprentice, which he says focuses on the candidates' business acumen.

David, who worked in Fleishman Hillard in New York for six years, said that he was addicted to the Donald Trump employment programme.

"I was a big fan of the US version, it spurred me to apply for the Irish Apprentice," he told the Herald. "I think my vision of what The Apprentice was is different to the version here.

"It's genuinely more business-focused -- the candidates have the opportunity to talk, to schedule time to talk to the client, find out what they want," he explained. "I think that the companies there are more interested in what you can bring to the table but here it's thrown back at you. They ask: 'How could you have done that?'"

His team, Elev8, were tasked with creating a healthy eating menu for Unislim and design a €10,000 ad campaign for Today FM.

But they were criticised in the boardroom by Bill Cullen and by the clients. "Elev8, your whole plan failed on many levels and I have to say Today fm were very unimpressed," he said.

The Dublin-born contestant, who brought two of his strongest teammates into the boardroom with him, said that he believed the Irish show leant heavily on the reality TV show side. "There is a tendency in the show to focus on personality traits and personal conflict," he said. "I think the Irish Apprentice is more about setting people up for a fall and having a laugh, and that's what Irish people want to watch.

"I can see now that I made a mistake with the two I brought back in. It has been said to me that if I'd brought two others in I would still be in the show."

And David said that the teams were surprised when they were informed that there would be television cameras at home after they had finished filming.

"We knew what to expect with regards to the show and You're Fired, but after the first edit they let us know that there would be a diary camera for us there," David said.