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Apprentice Breffny sees the ugly side of fame but parties on

Apprentice star Breffny Morgan was the victim of an attempted assault, the Diary can reveal.

The curly-haired Corkman (22) said he has now seen the ugly side of fame after being targeted in a club during a night out with friends after heading home for Christmas.

The 'Breffmeister' explained how he was catching up with some pals in a popular bar in Cork city centre when someone threw a bottle directly at his head.

"I was enjoying a night out with some friends and the next minute this guy throws a bottle aimed directly at my head. He also said something nasty to me which I couldn't repeat.

"I have good co-ordination after all the years of rowing so I managed to duck my head in time but there was no doubt where he was throwing the bottle. It threw me a little alright but, luckily, I surround myself with good friends and I didn't let it ruin my night."

However, he admits that since appearing on the TV3 programme he has been subjected to some nasty heckling and some jeers from total strangers.

He was unprepared for the extreme reaction he has received from some people who had watched him on the popular show.

"They feel like they know you and come up to you on the street or whatever, but they don't have a clue really. Ireland has been known to be a nation of begrudgers but in the States when things go your way, everyone is behind you and you get used to that. It's not always like that here. Fame is a double-edged sword and I realise that now," he explained.

Breffny, who hooked up with Ger Callaghan on the show, added that, for the most part, fans of the show have been very receptive towards him and the negativity has been kept to a minimum. He admits that his personality isn't everyone's cup of tea though.

"The majority of the public in Ireland have been nice and it's really uplifting to see people who have followed my progress in the Apprentice," he said.

"There's guys out there who don't like outspoken guys like me but I don't have to worry about it because I always have my friends around me."

And the Harvard graduate revealed how he is considering writing a book on his experience rowing across the Atlantic with 13 other team-mates.

The epic trip had to be abandoned after the rudder fell off and they had to be rescued some 1,000 miles into their 3,000 mile-long journey.