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Aoiffe and Stephen set the tongues wagging by holding joint party

The New Year has thrown up new possibilities for the most talked about 'couple' on TV.

No sooner had rumours of their romance hit the skids than blonde Apprentice Aoiffe Madden and her co-contestant Stephen Higgins are set to get tongues wagging again.

The Diary can reveal that the pair are set to make a very public declaration by hosting a joint birthday party in celeb club Krystle on Friday.

Outspoken Aoiffe has organised the bash with her ginger-haired would-be beau to mark their 26th birthday together.

However, the Clery's PR employee, who has signed up with celeb agent Tara Sinnott, was quick to shoot down any rumours that she and her TV pal have sealed the deal on anything in the romantic stakes.

"There's absolutely no story there -- we're the best of friends and that's it," smiled a coy Aoiffe, when speaking to the Diary.

Runner-up Steve, who runs a fitness and training business, is also lending his assistance to the outspoken contestant as she endeavours to turn over a healthy new leaf in 2010, which includes ditching the booze.

"One of my resolutions was to stop cursing as I realised after being on the show just how bad my language was, so that's definitely being knocked on the head! I also want to get fit and healthy again.

"You spend Christmas just eating all around you and you end up feeling really unhealthy, so I have asked him for advice on getting back in shape. One of the main things he told me was to give up alcohol for six weeks -- which I'm going to do after the party," she added.

Earlier this week The Apprentice winner Steve Rayner started his new job with Bill Cullen after landing the €100,000 contract with the Renault tycoon.

And while Aoiffe admits that she felt a pang of regret that it wasn't her starting the new job, she wished Steve all the best.

"I heard that he's going to be working in corporate sales and there's honestly no better man at that job, he's a natural," she said.