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Aoibhinn's fate in Love/Hate still a mystery

Filming on the highly anticipated fifth season of Love/Hate is set to kick off next month as we all wait with bated breath to see how writer Stuart Carolan will bring the smash hit drama to an end.

So with shooting about to kick off, you would expect the show's stars, including Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, who portrays gang leader Nidge, and Aoibhinn McGinnity (28), who plays his wife Trish, to have sifted through their scripts with a fine-tooth comb by now as well as practising their best Dublin slang in front of the mirror.

However, Monaghan actress Aoibhinn (right) told the Diary that even the cast are in the dark just weeks before they get the gang back together for the fifth series. "I don't know when I start, it's all very secretive this year," said Aoibhinn.

"The actors seem to know nothing, but I have been told that it's soon so I'm every excited."


The cast, which also includes hunk Killian Scott and Dublin city native Laurence Kinlan, have no idea what will become of their on-screen personas with expectations that several characters will meet a grisly end in the final series. "I haven't received a script yet or anything like that," Aoibhinn told the Diary. "I wish I did."

The RTE drama is notorious for keeping the tense plot lines under lock and key with the actors warned not to utter a word of their character's fate.

But Aoibhinn swears that for now at least, she knows as little as we do.