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Aoibheann takes on hot new role ... as chef Catherine

FAIR City star Aoibheann McCaul better be able to stand the heat in the kitchen.

The petite actress will play celebrity chef Catherine Fulvio in Barnardos' Under My Bed festival.

Catherine wrote a piece about her childhood and was meant to perform but had to politely decline due to a stacked working schedule.

But thankfully Aoibheann was on hand to help out.

"I came in a bit late. Catherine was meant to be doing the performance but couldn't so now I am playing her in the piece.

"I'm playing her as a child," Aoibheann explained. And the 27-year-old actress has been catching up on Catherine's cookery programmes to get ready for the role.

"I've watched a lot of stuff on Youtube and on RTE.

"I'm not going to do an impersonation of her or anything like that.


"But watching the videos helped me understand the piece a lot more," she said.

"I got a sense of what she's like and there's a real softness to it," she added.

Aoibheann isn't the only celebrity taking part in the show. Morah Ryan, Sonya Macari and Sorcha Furlong will also be there.

"There are 35 pieces so it will be a long night with lots going on backstage," she laughed.