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Anne's the cat that got the cream for Oscars

These days, Anne Hathaway is a busy woman. Or make that a busy Catwoman.

The 28-year-old actress is training for the physical demands of her lead role in Catwoman (and its sleek, physique-revealing catsuit) as she flexes her comedy muscles alongside James Franco as co-hosts of Sunday's Academy Awards.

"There's a lot going on, but it's all really super-duper positive," Hathaway said between fittings. "I feel like I have a big fight coming up and everyone's giving me the thumbs-up and the 'you'll-rock-it' fist pump. I have unbelievable support."

The Oscar team is helping Hathaway and Franco find their funniest material, she said, and the producers "are making it as easy as possible on me".

"It's all been kind of wonderful and jovial," she said. "It turns out it takes a village to host the Oscars."

Hathaway's biggest challenge this week? Navigating Los Angeles' famous motorways and making it to all her appointments on time. But the New York City resident has that one covered: "Luckily my assistant is a really good driver!"