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Anna better keep quiet about our show

MY pal Anna Nolan gave her tuppence worth on the Today show this week in her Herald column and I have to say, I think she was right about a few things.

I can't really comment about Maura and Daithi's show as I'm not across it but she was spot on in a lot of places in that I think our show will be all about who's on the panel.

The mixture does have to be right and you can't be spending too much time on just one guest, you have to have a good variety of opinions and comments.

I'd love to do things like take live calls on the programme as well and get the public's opinion about different issues.

I totally got Anna's point and I had to laugh when I met up with her this week.

The first thing she said was, 'Are you annoyed at me because of my column?'. And I was like, 'No sweetheart, you have your job to do and I have mine. But write the same things about me and I'll kill you!'