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Angry reject confronts judge Gary

Viewers see an angry X Factor contestant confront the judges in tonight's show after he is axed before being given the chance to sing.

The judges went back over all the auditions of the 186 acts they put through to bootcamp and decided some should go no further.

They dropped almost 40 acts and one in particular -- 24-year-old Curtis Ray White -- takes it badly and demands answers from the judges.

He said: "I want to speak to them, fair enough if they can give me...as to why I didn't get through, they've reviewed the tapes and I want to know why, I want an explanation mate."

Take That star Gary Barlow explains the decision, telling him: "You know what, mate? The truth of this is your opportunity was your audition, we sat last night and we saw everyone's audition.

"To be fair to you, we are saying to you, go and make yourself better because there are people a lot better than you in your category, you're not even going to get a chance, why do we need to lead you on for this week?"