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Anger grows over Rosanna's party antics

OUTRAGE is spreading over Rosanna Davison's appearance at a 'skanger' themed party thrown for her boyfriend's brother.

A number of Scottish and English newspapers have now picked up on the Herald's exclusive story about the "chav chic" party held in a posh Dublin suburb last weekend.

The former Miss World and her well-heeled boyfriend Wes Quirke attended his younger brother Andy's 25th party dressed a little more down market than usual.

Young 'Drummies', rugby wags and posh boys dined on takeaway food and drank cans of Dutch Gold into the early hours of the morning at the fancy-dress party.

Rosanna (26), known for her taste for designer dresses and expensive shoes, donned a Celtic bikini, hoodie, tartan mini skirt and brash gold accessories to complete the look.

Her boyfriend Wes (26) and his brother Andy, heirs to the Dr Quirkey's amusement arcade fortune, wore white shell tracksuits, Celtic jerseys and even grew their facial hair for the occasion.

However, a newspaper in Britain explained for their readers how the daughter of millionaire singer Chris De Burgh dressed as "skangers" which was "Ireland's version of the ned" in the Foxrock birthday bash.

They identified how the socialite and winner of the 2003 Miss World title ditched her regular designer gear for a cheap outfit at the class-conscious party.

But the attempt at humour and apparent send up of sections of Irish society is a dubious departure for the beauty queen ambassador.

The model is said to have only stayed for a brief time at the house party, as she was in the middle of a book tour.

Model Kerri Ingram-Walpole was there without her rugby player boyfriend, Luke Fitzgerald, and joined in the festivities with fellow models Roz Lipsett, Louise Kavanagh and Karena Graham on the right side of the tracks.

Pals said that the party was "just a bit of fun" and the same as any themed fancy-dress party.

It's not clear how Celtic supporters will see it, but one fan website has already identified Rosanna as an "armchair Celtic supporter".

"A lot of the people at the party are known for their expensive taste so it was a night to get away from that and just have fun," one friend said about the party.

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