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Anger at Clarkson's cancer joke

TOP GEAR presenter Jeremy Clarkson has left people confused and angry after claiming he has had a cancer scare, but then claimed he was joking.

The journalist found himself in hot water today, after writing in his column that a tumour was found in his bowel, which then transpired to be a misguided joke.

Jeremy (51) said that a lump was discovered during a recent routine check, and that doctors were urging him to get the tumour removed in case it was cancerous.

The remarks came just one week after BBC DJ Chris Evans revealed that he had cancer scare. Chris (45) told fans of his Radio 2 show that doctors had to remove growths found in his bowel during a regular check-up.


Jeremy wrote in his newspaper column that he had also had a scare like Chris, but joked that he didn't have the time to get the tumour removed.

"Like Chris Evans, doctors recently found a tumour in my bowel which needs removing. Unlike Chris Evans, I can't find a hole in my diary to have anything done about it," he wrote.

Chris revealed that his father had died from bowel cancer.

"I was recommended by my doctor to go and have another doctor look at what is going on down below because of the history of cancer in my family," Chris explained.

"So I went for this routine check and they found some nasties and they removed them."

Jeremy's dark humoured comments caused a massive backlash last night when cancer charities blasted him for his comments. Although many of his fans believed he had a tumour, his representative confirmed last night that he was joking about the cancer scare.

"Jeremy says it's what happens when people talk out of their bottom," the spokesperson revealed, remarking on Chris Evans' situation.

And despite his spokesperson claiming that Jeremy's comments were a joke, friends have backed up his claims, saying cancer is never something the star would joke about

"It is not a subject Jeremy would mock, of course it isn't." a source said.