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Angelina Jolie promises help for Pakistan flood victims

Hollywood star Angelina Jolie pledged today to "do what she can" for flood-ravaged Pakistan.

The Oscar-winning actress (35) was asked what she would do in her role as goodwill ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees as she promoted her new action thriller, Salt, in London's West End.

"I'm doing what I can. I'm talking to Ambassador [Richard] Holbrooke, the UN and people on the ground about how we can spend our money," she said at the film's premiere.

Jolie, who arrived without long-term partner Brad Pitt, added: "It's unravelling every minute. It seems to be getting worse so we're trying to keep track of it."

The star is considering all her options and listening to advisers.

"A lot of people say it is important to visit but maybe in a month or two when the cameras go away.

"We're just going to keep on it and listen and take advice from the people on the ground."

Jolie thanked the thousands of fans who had waited for her -- some camped out for 27 hours.