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Andrea's new make-up line goes on hold


Andrea Roche. Photo: Brian McEvoy

Andrea Roche. Photo: Brian McEvoy

Andrea Roche. Photo: Brian McEvoy

Bad news beauty buffs. Model boss Andrea Roche's hotly-anticipated make-up line is being put on hold.

Andrea's top models Rosanna Davison, Daniella Moyles and Rozanna Purcell have all custom-designed their own blusher brushers and make-up palettes for the range.



But according to Roz the line is being pushed back for a few months to ensure products are perfect when they hit shop shelves.

"I thought it was going to be out before Christmas which would have been handy because I could have given everyone make-up as a present – even my dad," quipped Andrea.

"But there's been a delay – I think the company who are doing it also do One Direction's make-up line so they have a lot going on.

"It's still coming out so it's been postponed. We have to make sure it's perfect and that can make it quite a long process."

Plus, boss Andrea (above) is a stickler for detail. "Andrea would not release something until it was absolutely perfect, believe me," Roz said.

So customers will have to wait a few more weeks before road-testing the shimmering shadows and knockout mascara wands.