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Andre fury at daughter’s make-up

Singer Peter Andre said today he was disgusted by pictures showing his young daughter dressed in false eyelashes and wearing make-up.

The distressed father said the images of Princess Tiaamii were “far more difficult to deal with” than seeing photographs of his former wife Katie Price's recent wedding.

The 31-year-old model and mother-of-three tied the knot with cage fighter Alex Reid, 34, in Las Vegas last week.

Andre said: “There's things far more difficult for me to deal with, as in what was in the papers. That was far more difficult for me to deal with.

“I'm absolutely disgusted and to me that's the worst thing to be worried about. It's a two year-old girl and to me that's disgusting.”

He said he felt unable to complain about the images, which were posted on Facebook before appearing in the press, adding: “What would be said would not remain private.

“It's a two-year-old girl with false eyelashes, full make-up for the whole world to see. To be honest I'm disgusted with it - I don't want to see that.”

The star, who today announced a Christmas tour, denied he and Price were no longer on speaking terms.

“In regards to the children we speak, that's what it is about really.

“I'm very amicable when it comes to the kids. We talk and I think that's a great way forward.”

Andre, who has never met Price's new husband, said he had “no problem” with the cage fighter, adding, “probably he's a very nice guy”.

He said he is still able to see his two children, adding: “I get to see them half the time, they are with me half the time, I enjoy my time with them.”

He told GMTV he would be spending Valentine's Day with his daughter.

“I've got little Princess that night and she's my little Valentine and no one's going near her, ever,” she said.

Price, also known as Jordan, dated Reid for around seven months before their wedding and much of their relationship was been played out in public thanks to a string of TV appearances and extensive newspaper coverage.