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And all because the Lady loves Philip Treacy

Lady Gaga's eye-catching outfit at the Grammys was handcrafted by Irish designer Philip Treacy, the Herald can reveal.

The superstar's kooky style has become as talked about as her music, and talented Galway native Treacy is being credited with her latest fashion hit.

"I suppose he's done quite a few items for her before, but he's just started doing a number of hats for her for big events," a spokesperson for the designer said. "She has quite a different style, and she likes what Philip creates. The designs are time-consuming, but Philip can do anything."


Treacy collaborated with Giorgio Armani, who handcrafted the rest of her outfit.

"Armani designed the outfit and sent it to Philip, who then designed the hat to match," explained the spokesperson.

While she walked the red carpet in a lightbulb-inspired ensemble, she was later seen sporting the Philip Treacy lightning bolt hat -- which appeared to be at least one foot tall -- paired with the Armani sequined bottoms.

The award-winning superstar tweeted during the ceremony: "Having 'tea' during show in Philip Treacy hat and Armani suit."

And celebrity blogger Perez Hilton also praised the hat on her Twitter page, calling it "major".

"I can't sleep, your hat was major last night. It needs to be archived," he said.

Treacy's designs are regularly worn by some of Hollywood's best known names, including Sarah Jessica Parker, who wore one of his hats to the Sex And The City film premiere in London in 2008.

But as his success continues to grow, he has now teamed up with one of the hottest singers in the world.

Last year proved to be the Year of Gaga -- which was evident when the pint-sized singer accepted her two awards -- and she is currently gearing up for the Irish leg of her sellout Fame Monster tour.

The songstress will be hitting the stage of the O2 arena in just a few weeks, and fans are waiting with baited breath to see what elaborate costumes she has up her sleeve.

Treacy's spokesperson said that they could not comment as to whether or not we could expect to see any of his designs during her Dublin stint, but their relationship has Irish fans hoping to see her wearing some homegrown talent. Treacy's works have also been worn by Naomi Campbell and Madonna.