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Amy's sitcom to end in bedhopping antics

AMY Huberman's popular new sitcom Threesome is set to conclude as it started: with bed-hopping antics.

In the first episode of the Comedy Central show, Amy's character Alice ended up pregnant after sleeping with her boyfriend Mitchie and gay best friend Richie at the same time.

And today's finale will see Alice running away from her hospital bed, in a space hopper outfit, just as she's about to give birth.

Amy (32) proves once again her versatility in the show, getting into the comic scene with gusto.

The bizarre scene sees her character sport a florescent orange costume, complete with rubber handles, sticking out like antennas on top of her carrot wig.

Alice is all dressed up for her "final push party" but starts feeling queasy when boyfriend Mitch, who is dressed up as an "actual monster" - that is to say Margaret Thatcher - makes her bounce like a space hopper. Alice finally realises that she is about to have a baby with the two men in her life and tries to escape the hospital as she decides not to have the baby.

But before they know it, the threesome welcome a cute little addition to their group.

The series has received praise for its upbeat and quirky tone.

The fate of the programme appears to be undecided at present as Comedy Central could not confirm if a second season would be commissioned when contacted by the Herald.

Nevertheless, fans are clamouring on social networks for a second instalment.

Amy previously admitted that she would be glad to have an opportunity to play Alice again.

"If it went again, I'd be back in a heartbeat, and to get to mess around with those guys for a summer would be a gift," the petite blonde said.