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Amy's drink was spiked, says dad

THE dad of Amy Winehouse has claimed that someone spiked his drug and alcohol-addicted daughter's drink with ecstasy causing the troubled singer to suffer multiple fits in her latest collapse.

Meanwhile her mum has revealed her fear that she will turn on the TV one morning and hear that her famous daughter is dead.

Amy's distraught dad Mitch, who found her convulsing on the floor and writhing in agony on Monday night, originally thought his 24-year-old daughter had suffered a reaction to medication she was taking. Now he is certain her drink was spiked and has called police to have the necessary tests carried out.


The drunken diva's latest collapse came after a four-hour drinking binge where she downed dozens of shots of rum and then swallowed 11 different prescription pills.

A friend said Amy had been knocking back the neat spirit as part of a card game with pals at her Camden flat. Medics spent 45 minutes treating her before rushing her to hospital. She spent the night under observation with her dad at her bedside and was discharged the next morning.

The star was also hospitalised after collapsing last month. At the time her dad said that she had developed the early stages of emphysema.

Amy's mum Janis has revealed how she considered discussing funeral plans with her drug-addicted daughter to make sure her wishes were carried out.

"I reached the stage with Amy where I planned to ask her where she wants to be buried. I was serious."

Janis is afraid she will find out from TV that Amy has died. "If I want an update on what state she's in at any given moment I just have to turn on the television. Amy's problem is always in my face. I know I could turn on the TV and learn the worst."

Her mum is not convinced Amy's drink was spiked. "The truth is Amy ended up in hospital this week because she mixed up the medication she's taking to help her come off drugs. She took a wrong tablet.

"I really don't think she's using now. Being diagnosed with the early stages of emphysema was a real jolt to her, a bit of a wake-up call."

Her mum appealed to fans to "give her a break. I think things are really beginning to take shape to the good.

"I hope one day Amy will be strong enough to be able to say publicly 'don't do what I did'."

Janis insists her family will always stand by Amy. "No matter what hurt they've cause they're still your babies. She'll always be my little girl sitting at the window singing."