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Amy slips up

Actress Amy Huberman (31) may often be praised for her poise and grace -- but she threw caution to the wind yesterday when she dramatically fell on her back for a scene.

As our exclusive pictures show, Amy will do whatever it takes for her craft -- even if it means throwing herself to the ground on one of the country's busiest shopping streets.

The beauty, who wed Brian O'Driscoll earlier this year, was spotted filming outside Brown Thomas on Grafton Street yesterday for her upcoming film Three Wise Women, penned by Cecelia Ahern for the Hallmark channel.

In the scene for the Christmas-themed movie, Amy carries a Christmas tree alongside her young assistant -- and presumably falls over due to the weight of the tree.

The film is set to thrill chick-lit fans when it hits our screens later this year. It is believed Amy has shed her normally sunny personality for a bitchier part, but she still looks like a style star. The actress is sporting a sleek grey pantsuit, camel coat and pearl earrings.

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