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Amy has to get down to her book work

AMY Huberman is in 'lockdown' mode as she attempts to finish her latest book before deadline.

THE actress has just finished filming the second series of Threesome in the UK, and now must concentrate all her energy on her second book.

Amy has decided to stay in her flat in London and finish her follow-up to Hello Heartbreak, a bestseller four years ago.

"I'm on writing lockdown this week to get the book finished," she said online.

"Today I made friends with a moth and left the house once to get a papaya. By Friday I may need help being gradually reintroduced into society. Please be gentle."

She also asked her followers if they knew any UK-based distributors of her favourite tea.

Husband Brian O'Driscoll is out of the country, too, so their work schedules matched. The Ireland captain is in the southern hemisphere as his team faces the final test against the All Blacks.

Amy (33) is knee-deep in editing the romantic book I Wished For You.


She recently admitted that she wasn't as savvy with her debut. "For the first book I didn't research anything," she admitted. "I had written -- I had overwritten - a hideously long first draft before I went to a publisher.

"This time I've been working with the same editor since the beginning so she's watched it evolve and there's a lot less waffle to cut out. In theory, anyway."

The former star of The Clinic, Amy has also been plugging away at ventures in the United States, although she was left disappointed recently after not being cast in the series Animal Kingdom for NBC after filming the pilot.

Recently Amy bonded with fellow writer Caitlin Moran at the Glamour Magazine Women of the Year awards in London.

And she has also been receiving messages of support from chick-lit veteran Marian Keyes.

"Scream! Hello! I'm gone into starstruck shock!! Hello, how are you. Thank you for being so nice. Look everyone, it's Amy!" Marian said when Amy responded to a sneak peak of her next book.

"Screech! Breathing into brown paper bag! I'm the starstruck one! Huge fan! Stalker! I only go through your bins ever other day..." Amy joked in reply.