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Amy breaks Britain - as top magazine dubs her a 'hottie'

HER new sitcom hasn't even aired yet but Amy Huberman's star is already rocketing in Britain.

The better half of BOD has been marked out as one to watch by English TV pundits.

Amy's new series Threesome has been given a two-page spread in leading UK magazine Heat.

With a leading role in the seven-part programme, our Amy -- who plays pregnant Alice Heston in the funny project -- was given nine out of ten for 'hotness'.

Threesome -- Comedy Central's first home grown project to hit screens next week -- also received five stars from the magazine.

"The premise hit my funny bone and I really love the idea of it," Amy has said, adding that she hand no hang ups over the racy set up for the series.

It's an exciting time for award-winning Amy, who not only features in Heat -- she is also gracing the covers of some of Ireland's top glossies on shelves at the moment.

The bubbly blonde has posed for three Irish publications in the run up to her biggest part to-date -- set to air on Monday.

Appearing on the cover of The Dubliner -- out with the Herald today -- the Cabinteely-native has been snapped looking sexy and stylish.

Ditching her wholesome, cute image, the star is donning thigh-skimming skirts, off-the-shoulder sweaters and glamorous make-up as she talks about love, life and how BOD feels about her latest venture.

"You're an actor and it's not real life -- you have to be able to be brave with the story," she said. "At the same time, Brian is going 'Jesus I'm getting ribbed for this', especially because the pilot was called Baby Love and now it's called Threesome and it's exactly what it says on the tin," she admitted. Humour is a new area for Amy, but she insists that it was her easy-going nature that helped her performance with co-stars Emun Elliott and Stephen Wright -- who play her boyfriend and gay pal.

"I think with comedy you have to be able to laugh at yourself.

"There were loads of times that Ian our director said 'wow you're making yourself look hideous with that face' and that doesn't bother me."